Make a Paypal Payment Using any Major Credit Card

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Making a PayPal payment is very simple: The link will take you to a payment amount screen, then, enter the amount you wish to pay and click next. You will be required to set up a payment account only by entering your email address and choosing an (at least) 8-character password. Then, you will need to enter your name and address and phone number. Finally, you can enter your credit card details and make a payment.
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 How Protech Charges For Our Services

Protech determines the “variable” – not “fixed” overhead, which is factored into our $110/hour labor rate – cost for every service and repair job using our proprietary Invoice System called Bill-Rite.

Bill-Rite is a system that assigns costs in 6 possible categories, as follow:

  1. Labor (time in hours)
  2. Equipment & Materials (e.g. Boilers; furnaces, pipe & fittings, controls, etc.)
  3. Supplies (e.g. soldering & brazing gasses, rosin paper to protech floors, solder & flux, fasteners, etc.)
  4. Vehicle ($.67/mile is the cost of our 2016 Ford Transit van – our most expensive tool)
  5. Tools (Rental of tools like, core drill, man lift, hammer drill, etc.)
  6. Additional Costs (e.g. permit fees, transfer station waste disposal, subcontractors, freight & shipping, etc.)

Typically, our customers can expect to be billed for, at least, Labor, and possibly Equipment & Materials and Vehicle – variable costs associated with service, maintenance and (emergency) repair jobs.

Bill-Rite Invoicing for variable costs was derived from our proprietary, copyrighted Quote-Rite Job Estimating & Costing System.