John Rocheleau offers HVAC consulting services in the following areas…

Residential & Commercial Building Owners

John consults to building owners on all aspects of HVAC & Indoor Climate Control such as, Heating; Ventilating; Air Conditioning; Refrigeration; Wine Cellars; Humidity Control; Indoor Air Quality; Fuel & Gas Tanks & Piping; Pool Heaters; Water Heaters; Systems Evaluation and Analysis; HVAC Service Company Performance and, well, if it involves Air, Water or Fuels & Gasses, John can help you with your needs.

Residential & Commercial Builders

Protech HVAC consults to Residential & Commercial Builders in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. If it involves Indoor Climate Control, we can give you the information you are seeking. We offer HVAC Systems Design; Estimating and Evaluation Services, as well as Subcontractor Performance Evaluations and Inspections of their Systems Installations.

Legal Consulting & Expert Witness

John offers HVAC Systems Failure Analysis; Testimony; Legal Consulting & Expert Witness to Attorneys and their Clients. Having served in these roles in Small Claims; District and Superior Courts, John’s testimony has helped attorneys win their case every time.

A Master HVAC Craftsman and Trouble-shooter, there is no system that John can’t get to the bottom of, and know who was responsible for its failure.

An excellent writer, John knows how to be factual and persuasive and documents vital information using the latest digital technology. He also knows what to say, and what is better left unsaid, so the right information is revealed in depositions, interrogatories and witness stand testimony.

Consulting to Tradesmen

Whether you are a Carpenter who wishes to install a system yourself, or a Plumber seeking to get into Heating and Air Conditioning, Master HVAC Systems Designer, Installer and Service Technician, John Rocheleau, can help you with everything you need to successfully do the job yourself.

Let us know what your needs are, and your budget parameters and we can get you on your way to completion of any project you want to tackle. We’ll give you equipment and materials lists, prices and installation or service requirements.

We consult on all HVAC systems types and will ensure that you reach your goals and objectives.